25KVA DG Set Advantage & Diesel Consumption – Complete Information

There are many reasons to buying a 25 KVA diesel generator, a diesel generator efficiency is higher, maintenance cost is low and performance level is amazing than a natural gas or gasoline generator.

Diesel fuel price  slightly higher than gasoline fuel, but diesel fuel has a higher power density.. Therefore, diesel generator gives high mileage, making it a good and effective option for generating high and clean electricity.

25KVA Diesel generator sets are used in many industrial and business installations areas. These generators can also be used for small loads purposes, such as in homes, as well as for large loads such as industrial plants, hospitals, and commercial use.

Advantage Using Of 25KVA Diesel Generator

  • 25KVA Diesel generators is reliable and cost effective device.
  • They are conscious to give up power for a more extended period contrasted with different kinds of generators
  • They can be utilized in the various sector to be specific: clinics, industrial facilities,, occasions, and so on.
  • In the generator market you can find much diesel generator with various features so you can pick the one that best suitable generator for the requirements of your organization
  • Diesel is a fuel that can be effectively bought at any filling station, in this manner facilitating the stock issue. What’s more, in monetary terms upkeep costs are generally lower looked at, for instance, to flammable gas
  • Conveys elevated levels of productivity and execution, guaranteeing a nonstop supply of intensity, without breakages, which is essential to guarantee that your organization won’t have unanticipated in the execution of day by day work and schedules
  • Support of diesel  generators is less expensive than fuel generators
  • A diesel motor is likewise more profitable than fuel since it has a higher life cycle, however for this, it is significant that the organization does the best possible support.

Diesel Fuel Storage

Normally, diesel should be stored for only 8 to12 months. In the best of storing method, it may be possible to store diesel fuel a little longer. To increase this storing period, the fuel must be clean, to begin with, kept cool temperature at approximate 70°F, maintained properly, and treated continuously with stabilizers and dioxides.

When you not store diesel fuel properly with precautions then goes bad. Hydrolysis, microbial growth, and oxidation can occur, which damages the quality of the diesel fuel. For example, when diesel comes in touch with moisture, it causes fuel breakdown. This includes condensation accumulation of water droplets hitting the fuel surface from the tank roof. Microbial growth creates acids that can degrade fuel and stop the flow of liquids as the tank clogs which will soon leave you in search of a new engine.

Oxidation happens as a chemical reaction when the fuel is in contact with oxygen. This risk occurs immediately when the product leaves the refinery – the process may be slow but it does not stop. Oxidation can create high acid values, which can lead to the formation of sludge and sediment.

Things to know about Diesel Generator

Whenever you decide to get a 25KVA diesel generator, you have to pay full attention to the fuel consumption by the diesel generator per hour. The getting of the generator is one time, but the cost of fuel will be your recurring expenses. A high quality Selecting fuel will ensure that the generator remains in a position to improve its longevity and lower consumption of Genset fuel in the long run.

Approximate Diesel Fuel Consumption of 25KVA Diesel Generator-

At 25% Load : 1.8 L/H

At 50% Load : 3.1 L/H

At 75% Load : 4.5 L/H

At 100% Load : 6 L/h

Diesel is very unstable in nature. Diesel needs to be handled carefully when storing to protect it from any corrosion. A Diesel fuel has the property of being oxidized or re-polymerized if it is not stored properly. When exposed to high humidity and high temperatures, the catalyst cracking of heavy fuels such as diesel causes diesel to rot or deteriorate.

We must maintain the diesel generator well and have a micro-suspension built into the fuel filter to prevent any dirt or rust. A clean and streamlined fuel filter reduces diesel generator fuel consumption. The formation of sludge in the fuel filter also affects the fuel consumption of the Genset.


In this blog, we explained 25KVA Generator Set Advantage and Fuel consumption. I hope this all information useful for all. Before buying diesel generator you have to know these all information. Do you want to buy diesel  generator or hire rental generator? So you can contact our EO Energy team for any details related to generator.

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