How Club House Boosted The Consumption of Audio Content

When we look back at the timeline of the social media industry, one thing is clear that a particular form of content has dominated the social platforms for a specific period. When the social platforms are filled with a vast chunk of texts, Instagram, the complete image-centric social platform was introduced. Then, today, video content is consumed mainly across social media. Suddenly, from nowhere, audio content has been booming for the past few months. Marketers say that audio content will become an essential form of content in the coming times. Club House is the real-time example acting as the testament for this statement.

The Growth of Audio Content:

Audio Content has been witnessing a growth in its consumption at a gradual pace since two years ago. Podcasts have been having a strong user base for quite some time now. On seeing the huge reception for podcasts, Spotify, the largest music streaming application gave huge space to the podcasters. It brought many podcasters to the spotlight, and their content also performed very well. Thus, audio content has been witnessing considerable traction. Bribble, a leading social media marketing service, has been involved in offering help to budding podcasters to ideate content. Thus audio has been gaining engagement at a gradual pace. Club House, a complete audio-centric social platform, was rolled out for Android users in the mid-May of this year. Once the platform was launched, people around the world downloaded it one after the other. It was downloaded more than two million times on Android phones within the period of one month since its launch.

Marketers around the world were amazed by the number of downloads the platform had within one month. If the downloads continue at the same rate, soon it will grow as a competitor for leading social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. After seeing the massive number of downloads of Club House, social media marketers have understood the love for people towards audio content. Even global celebrities like Serena Williams and Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson have opened their official Club House accounts on seeing the vast reception for this social application. According to TweetPhoto, a leading digital marketing service, marketers will soon throng this social platform to scale their products.

The Engaging Characteristics of Club House:

Club House is anticipated to become a massive hit since it is providing a personalized experience to its users. Most probably, personalization will succeed as it gives what the end-user wants. While creating the account, the application will ask for your interests. You will be given options such as arts & music, literature, products, marketing, and angel investments. You can pick anything that matches your interests based on which Club House will show rooms in your feed. Thus, the platform will only provide the content that you want to listen to. So, you won’t feel bored while using this application. As the platform provides a personalized experience to the users, many will show interest in moving into it. The platform will gain vast importance for B2B and B2C marketing, which will give rise to the paid services like buy real TikTok likes packages we have for TikTok.

Many podcasters have started to make their move into Club House and are conducting rooms frequently. The platform is helping them to earn new listeners. Thus, this application is an added advantage to podcasters as they can increase their follower base by having their presence on more than one platform.

Impact of Club House:

Club House has left a massive impact on the social media industry, bringing changes to its landscape. On seeing the astonishing reach of this social application, the leading social platforms have initiated measures to allow audio content in their platforms. Facebook is looking to add an audio-based feature on Instagram like it added reels. Twitter already joined the bandwagon by rolling out the Twitter Spaces. It is speculated that Snapchat is about to launch an audio-based feature very soon. Thus, Club House is prompting other social platforms to bring changes. Eventually, audio content will prevail as we consume video content today. Hence, social media marketers have to focus on both audio and video content in the coming times. Brands can also buy paid services to popularize their products on Club House like there are buy TikTok views packages for TikTok marketing.

Wrapping Up:

Club House is still in its beta version. After watching how the platform is performing and gaining feedback from the users, the company will make changes and will provide a new application afresh. However, many of the users state that they are content with the beta version of the application. No matter whatever it is, Club House is about to gain an undeniable spot in the social media industry. If you haven’t tried Club House yet, install it because it has much helpful content for your career and personal well-being.

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