Premier league players betting odds

Football bets have always been a huge market for many of us to be involved in with the premier league being the most bet on league in the world, recently player transfer odds have been introduced to casinos and bookmakers where you can place bets on a player to either stay at his current club or to leave to a new one and you can get odds on which club that might be next as well, there are many more options like these at casinos not on gamstop where you can see what punters have been playing on recently. The new betting selections are becoming very popular amongst all football fans, you can now place bets on managers to be sacked, contract extensions and many more different options to choose from. The premier league is now by far the most watched and followed league in world football with millions of fans tuning in to watch each game. The betting business has never been this busy before and is now hitting new records each time there are matches on. Player betting odds have been very popular amongst gamblers with you being able to select which player or players will either score, get booked or have a shot on target. The player card bets are the most popular ones out of the lot with some players having huge odds on them to pick up a booking.

A lot of football fans can’t get enough of these new betting selections that are now available from most online casinos and book makers. The pandemic caused a lot of people to stop watching the football as for a set period it was not on, this affected the premier league and the betting industry heavily. Therefore, the bookmakers have come up with new ways to get people back to loving football again after being without it for a while. There are many new betting selections available for football matches due to the recent success of a few that were originally added to start with. Now that you can get all these different player markets betting has never been so popular in the premier league and looks set to hit new records again this weekend when teams once again face off in the best league in the world. It will be interesting to see where premier league bets go from here and what other new selections will be added.

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