Tips and Tricks for Catching a Red Snapper

Red snapper is a popular fish in the Gulf and one of the most sought-after snapper species. Their populations have been closely monitored and fishing has been difficult for them. Recent relaxations of federal restrictions regarding red snapper season has brought back excitement for all fishermen.

Anglers new to red snapper fishing may need some tips before they head out to the Gulf. We have the perfect guide for red snapper fishing. These nine tips will help you to catch your first ruby red snapper.

1. Where wild fish are

Red snappers can be found in both shallow and deep waters. They can be found at depths between 30 and 200 feet. They are usually protected by nearby structures. Popular hot spots are piers and seawalls as well as old wreckage.

You shouldn’t go too far from the shore, or you will likely become frustrated by spending so much time searching for rocky floors.

2. Artificial Hot Spots

Artificial structures can be a great way to cut down on the time you spend scouting. Red snappers love reefs, or any other thing that is close to the coast in the Gulf. You can start at the coast, and then work your way up to look for artificial reefs.

3. Returning customers

When you locate a place where red snapper are gathered, make sure to take a note of it. You can always return to the exact same spot again and they will be back for more the next morning. Red snappers are creatures that are used to their surroundings and are more likely to stay there than other species.

Only one exception is when you fish in the same spot too often.

4. Spawning Seasons

What is the best time of year to fish red snapper? The summer is when the spawning season starts. Based on spawning conditions, the exact dates may vary each year. It reaches its peak in June or July. Red snapper will be caught in federal and state waters.

Federal waters account for over 95% of all red snapper caught.

5. You can also use it to make other people happy

Your chances of finding a red snapper’s feeding ground in shallower waters are much greater. A wide-area chumming strategy can be used to whip the red snapper into a frenzy. Start by taking a chunk of chunked fish to chumming around the perimeter.

This will help draw the red snappers out of crevices or other structures. Then, you can use your best bait to lure them in.

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