What are the Best OLIGHT LED Headlamps in 2021?

If you are looking for a good company that can provide illumination tools for traveling and working purposes, OLIGHT Store is the best platform for you.  In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best led stirnlampe along with their specifications.

OLIGHT Array 400 Lumens LED Headlamp

OLIGHT array 400 lumens LED Headlamps are designed with different light modes including Array. This mode helps travel, climb, and fishing and for exciting adventures. This LED headlamp is made using a lightweight aluminum alloy that makes it compact and water-resistant. There is an adjustable dial present over the body of the LED headlamp, which allows controlling the intensity of light accordingly. The smart and long-lasting rechargeable battery with a smart indicatormakes it a superpower tool.  The other accessories include a kit, a guide book, a magnetic charging cable, a lanyard, and a compact belt.


This is another high-powered product of OLIGHT company that provides 2300 lumens output. H2R LED headlamp is made using a single 18650 battery that can support the brightest light. This product facilitates the customer with SOS function which can be used in an emergency situation. There are many different modes are designed in the H2R LED Headlamp including low, high, medium, and turbo modes. The charging system of this headlamp is magnetic which a quick means of recharge batteries using the cable. This LED Headlamp comes with an easy to detach head strap that provides a long-lasting and pain-free grip to the light over the head.

OLIGHT Perun 2 2500 LED Headlamp

OLIGHT has designed lots of powerful products and Perun 2 2500 LED Headlamp is one of them. This LED Headlamp can provide up to 2500 lumens power which is unbeatable by any other similar product. Different types of sensors are inbuilt within the LED Headlamp to detect the nearby obstructions which is another outstanding feature of this headlamp. The compact body of this headlamp helps in carrying the product very easily and improves user experience. OLIGHT is providing a uniquely designed MCC3 cable that improves the flow of current within the wire and enhances the charging efficiency up to 33%.

OLIGHT H15 Wave LED Headlamp

H15 is a different and graceful product of OLIGHT that makes your journey wonderful with lights of different colors. By H15 wave LED headlamp, you can enjoy white and red LED lights of desired intensities. H15 has a highly powerful light beam that can reach up to 65m without any distortion. The product is designed using imported alloy material that only makes its body compact but also water and heat resistant. The comfortable head holder of the H15 lamp provides grip to it and makes it nonmovable even if you are running and swimming.

Final Words

OLIGHT Store is one of the world’s loving Illumination tool stores that facilitate the customer with the best products. If you are looking for headlamps, flashlights, and any other similar product, visit the OLIGHT storeand get your desired product very easily at affordable rates.

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