Why must a knowledge base be simple to maintain?

To understand how to maintain a knowledge base it is important to know what a knowledge base is. In simple terms, a knowledge base is part of the self-service platform that works as a database of accumulated information about the products, services, or a specific topic for the customer. In a way, it is customer service of the 21st century.

All transactions that start for a customer and end create a relationship with the customer that continues in profit. After the point of sale, it is vital to keep the communication going. Just as relations, wither away without any communication, so do customer relations if not maintained. A new customer can cost more than retaining new customers.

Your marketing strategy should have good customer service and support with a nicely maintained knowledge base. For example, a well-known internet provider in the USA known as Spectrum offers top-of-the-line customer service and a great built-in knowledge base to support both its new and old customers. A consistent knowledge base is effective in building and maintaining a high-quality as well as consistent post-sale service for your customers.

Knowledge Base & Costs

However, a knowledge base should not be complicated but be easy to maintain such as specific “how-to” videos or blogs and not multiple contents made from scratch which would increase costs such as photography, videography, graphics, and all.

While this could be used when launching a new product but not when informing customers of the use and is for temporary purposes. If maintained well, the costs are not high and it is effective to have this kind of knowledge base through which customers can use self-service.

Here is a round of 7 benefits of an effective and simple knowledge base that will help your business get one step ahead ofcustomer service.

  1. A Good Knowledge Base Is Having Happy Customers

The most effective way to contribute to the growth of an organization comes from improving customer success. Whereas customer success is having a happy, satisfied customer, who has had good experiences with you. A knowledge base helps customers be in control of their problems with a little support from you, which makes them feel empowered too. Customers these days do not like calling or texting their issues and want a solution in the moment thus self-service is great self-help, easy and fast.

This also reduces the number of phone calls, emails, and such which means you can cut down on some “people costs” and cut down your customer support representatives numbers. These happy customers with positive experiences tend to use positive word-of-mouth and become your loyal customers.

  1. Increase in Customer Retention

When the customer is happy they tend to retain with continuous purchases and keep coming back to you for more of your goods or services. The customer retention rate rises and you bear lesser costs in retaining customers slowly.

While also getting new customers costs less because they tend to have been convinced due to good word-of-mouth circulating.

However, these new customers will only retain if they have the same experiences and if they do it further increases the chances for growth.

  1. You Deliver a Consistent Customer Support

The main benefit of a good knowledge base is the 24/7 availability of solutions to customer problems which does not create frustrated or angry customers and in most situations resolve their problems as soon as they arise. This is also proactive of the organizations and results in the main goal of happy customers at all times.

The customer doesn’t have to wait for a call or a response online but can easily watch a short video or blog and understand what to do. Unless it’s a major issue requiring your attention this method helps cut down costs and also gives the customer a self-help manual which they can use once and understand the issues.

Another great benefit is that even if it occurs again they know what the issue is. However, if the same thing happens one too many times then it will still agitate the customer.

Also for example if you have international customers then they can get always available help and if it is in their language, even better. Thus, it can easily help you acquire loyal customers over time. Customers want fast solutions and a knowledge base is the fastest way to bring in the right customer support.

In addition, all customers get the same services with this one knowledge base, thus a reduction in bias from the customer support.

  1. Customer Issues Managed Proactively

A great knowledge base helps with proactive management, which helps to reduce the other costs. It also builds effective solutions for problems that your customers have not faced yet. While when and if they do, you have a solution ready. This is what is called fast servicing and keeping customers hitched to you. Make the customer base easy to operate and learn about. It should also be easy to reach and interpret.

  1. Reduction in Other Costs

Overall, the costs tend to reduce. The costs from management and other customer support option such as logs, calls, messages, and emails no longer have to be kept in the same quantity and customer support can be handle issues that are serious with methods that are more efficient and in time.

  1. Helps Gaining Niche’s Control

While reducing the costs and management becoming proactive you can also gain the niche’s control. For example, like Neil Patel for SEO and Hubspot for inbound marketing. However, this cannot be done overnight but must seep in slowly.

  1. All Useful Info in One Place

A good and solid knowledge base is for both customers, employees, and especially the new employees who can use it to learn about the core business.

Alternatively, the employees who are new to customer support. A knowledge base is a versatile tool that anyone in the firm can use to document existing problems or adopt new processes.

Ending Words

The most important advantage of having a knowledge base is that it saves both your customers and your customer service personnel a lot of time and effort.

Customers receive what they want to know, when they want it to know, without having to deal with humans.

Your staff will have fewer calls to answer, will spend less time on repetitive duties, and will be able to focus on concerns that are more critical.All in all it makes a win-win situation, doesn’t it?

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