Electric Longboards, are they worth it?

So I’ve been a longboarder for presently over a year now and recently I’ve seen a few ads for electric-powered boards, usually fitted with a 36v dual motor, different prices depending on where they are sold, eBay, Amazon, etc.

I thought I’d reach out to this wonderful community to see if others have electric-powered boards and to understand their thoughts on them before I invest my money into one, any views would be appreciated

Person 1

I skateboarded as a teenager. I picked up skating, longboarding, and esk8ing all in the last year again.

There shouldn’t be any association or friction between the categories. They’re all different in the same way BMX, mountain biking, and motorcycling are all separate. If you keep this in mind (esk8ing is the equiv of motorcycling) you’ll understand and appreciate its place all the more.

Forget about department shop boards and most of the boards on eBay and Amazon etc. They’re mostly toys. Most respectable boards are ordered straight from the manufacturer’s website. and check electric longboards review and the best price to buy.

Person 2

Any views on here will be biased since this is a community of esk8 enthusiasts, hobbyists, riders, and fans. Having a longboarding foundation is fabulous, especially if you want to get into esk8. If you have the money to burn and need to ride without needing to kick or brake manually, get an esk8!

There are a number of great boards to separate from and even more questionable boards. Reliability should be on the top of your checklist with the general performance metrics (speed, range, power, etc) following.

Some questions you might want to address are:

  1. How far do you want to be able to ride?
  2. Will you be carrying it throughout a lot/Do you want a lightweight board?
  3. Do you want famous off the line performance (like a sportscar), or do you want a more leisurely board?
  4. Do you favor flexy or stiff decks?
  5. What’s your price range?

Person 3

My non-biased view, having conventional skated and longboarded for any time and having a stable of 10 boards, 8 conventional and 2 electric (owned 5 electrics to date), and a DIY electrical build in progress.

My view is that conventional and electrical are different experiences, we do different things with them and alike both.

We (three of us share all the boards), however, use the electrics just about 1/3rd of the time. We use conventional boards more because others are more versatile… we can just do more with them. Saying that, we would not provide up our electrics they are simple speed fun and relaxing on longer runs. Get an e-board, but have your conventional as well.

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