The Best Backyard Golf Courses

Golfers love the sport and would do anything to own a course. Golf courses, however, are not easy to have, and the modalities involved in constructing one as detailed by experts writers from Best Essay Help can be enormous and beyond most people. The allure of comfort in playing whenever you want is always so strong. So what can someone do to remedy this situation?

Best Backyard Courses for Golf

The requirements for constructing a backyard golf course require a ton of investment, including a large tract of land, great design, the right equipment, and labor to build and maintain. Just a few individuals have successfully make a backyard golf course that eventually evolved into top global golf courses. Whether a billionaire or a multimillionaire golf lover with an aspiration of constructing or buying one, it’s essential to know the caliber of backyard golf courses in existence to borrow a leaf from or buy. For golf lovers home for sale near cotton wood golf course. Here are examples of the best backyard golf courses all over the world.

  • Brough Creek National. It is a beautiful golf course which got constructed from 2018 in June. It involved the removal of trees, and within a year, its seven holes were ready for some play. The construction funds were crowd-sourced either through membership, purchasing the website logo gear, or volunteering time on their maintenance projects. It currently has 1000 global affiliations and just indicates how grueling building a backyard golf course can get. But also how demanding and rewarding it is.
  • Pelz Park. Tucker Brandon, who resides in Texas, was lucky enough to play on the remarkable all-turf premise in Dave Pelz’s Austin backyard. The Pelz founded by Dave, an ex NASA scientist, has bunkers, island green, other greens, water hazards, and with several caps. One can necessarily hit any available a hundred-yard shot, and Tucker’s review of the turf puts it as more sensible than grass. Dave has also started scoring schools across the whole of the United States.  
  • Tiger. W’s practice facility. Tiger Woods’s success made him buy a property in 2010 at Jupiter Island in Florida, where he and his TGR team of designers constructed a golf practice facility with a tournament-caliber status. In as much as most rich folks have backyard courses and holes, Tiger Wood’s backyard golf course ranks top when it comes to relevance by Golf Digest. The 3.5-hectare property recreates the feel and looks of the Majors golf course. It has grass of different varieties, with each found in every PGA Tour course. Such an elaborate design allows Tiger Woods to practice at home and hit shots of 150 yards or so to either of the unique greens totaling four. 
  • Jim Nantz backyard golf course. Jim Nantz debunked the myth of needing a dearth piece of land for you to experience a remarkable golf hole. He achieved it through the construction of a modest reproduction of Pebble Beach’s seventh hole in his home’s backyard within the community of 17-Mile Drive. The course and hole have graced its fair share of stars to prominent names such as Mickelson Phil, Romo Tony, and Faldo Nick.
  • Wolf Point Farm. It is an exciting backyard golf course as it features an unusual scenario where golfers engage in playing Wolf Point while camels stare. The backyard golf course is situated south of Houston and sits on 1,600 acres of farmland. It has existed for 15 years, although its future remains a mystery just as it has during its existence.   

Stanger T. Alfred constructed the course at Wolf Point in the formative years of the 2000s. It then gathered a minor cult following within a closely-knit circle of those fortunate enough who played the design of Mike Nuzzo. However, the property finally sold at an auction after a year on sale following Stanger’s demise. Everyone hopes the new owners will open it up to the public again, but no one knows.


Golf courses are natural wonders in the world of sports. Knowledge about the existence of unique courses with special features that make golfing unique is important in informing your decision to construct, buy, or consider a tour on such properties. The catalog of the best backyard golf courses offers you the perfect background to make that decision.

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