Tips for choosing the best time to play the game

This past weekend was probably the longest time I’ve spent playing games in my career. The author’s mission is to lead Mao Zedong and their Red Army in Hearth of Iron 4 to conquer all of China. After a six-hour battle of effort mixed with the author’s own noob, he could not bear the burden of Chairman Mao Zedong and finally retreated.

What’s shocking is that in the past 6 hours of gameplay was very little for us gamers. But when our responsibilities increase, 6 hours of life It was quite a time. Makes the author think that we can play more divine games in less time or not. When he figured it out, he left the computer screen to sip coffee and search for interesting information to present to the pg slot gaming people.

Life clock and gamer clock

For any gamer or reader who is a gentle lover, you must know the term life clock more or less. If anyone who does not know the clock of life is The cycle of the human body system that are responsible for regulating the functions of various systems in the body, whether it is waking up, sleeping or secreting hormones even changes in body temperature

By this, it is very important, especially at school and working age. That we must exercise and sleep enough each day. for maximum efficiency in work and study Therefore, our daily routine will be very punctual. But having to wake up at the same time, health may be broken. Makes us have to balance things in life well.

But 90% of the readers of this website are probably gamers. Knowing that the gamer’s watch is not like the villagers. Because it will be inversely proportional to our availability and the game genre we play. which the author has given examples from the experience of many people

SPOT PNG style game

  • 00-06.00 : The world has returned to peace. Everyone plays a job
  • 00-12.00 : Time of Trial of the Little Hero want to play anything (Some may fall asleep during this time)
  • 00-18.00 : The world has returned to chaos. Everyone plays mostly for fun because it’s after school or relaxing.
  • 00-00.00 : Time to meet people Relatives/brothers/friends/clan often play during this time


  • 00-06.00 : Best time to level up. Hello Bots and Nocturnal People.
  • 00-12.00 : The time to hunt the boss because the True Gods are now working to earn money. The gods slept after a long night of hunting.
  • 00-18.00 : time of trading, doing quests, trading things
  • 00-24.00 : Guild Wall time/PvP/Slap the kids/Meet the team

It can be seen that the life clock of the gamers of the gamers The clock of life is so different that we have to choose the right time for the game played. leading to the question we said at the beginning, “When is the best time to play the game”, before finding the right time to play it. You have to answer for yourself what our daily routines are. Because each person has different routines, it is normal for the clock of life to be inconsistent.